My Story


How It All Began!

In 2020, with the arrival of my son and the anticipation of decorating our new, larger apartment, I stumbled upon Wabi-Sabi on Pinterest. I was obsessed about its calming aesthetic, the shapes, the colors and the textures! So I started an Instagram account to share all my favorite designs. 

Why Wabi-Sabi? 

As we began furnishing, I had to get creative due to our small budget. I started upcycling the furniture and decor we already had to avoid buying too much new stuff, and I experimented with different techniques. I began documenting my DIY projects. I thought maybe I could inspire people like me who always defined themselves by their achievements and didn't dare to start something creative because it wouldn't be perfect. Following the motto "let go and create; enjoy the process, turn off your brain, and if it's imperfect we will celebrate it with the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi!

Founding Wasabi Home

In 2023, my first viral video and woth the growing reach I finally dared to start my own business. I searched for Items which fit my aesthetic influenced by various styles like Organic Modern, Japandi, Midcentury Modern, New Mediterranean, Spanish Gothic, Rustic Farmhouse and more. My partner, who is currently studying Ecommerce Marketing, is joining me to support the venture. Now, ‘my little project’ is becoming our family business.
Wasabi Home now offers a curated selection of unique home decor finds sourced directly from international artists and designers. Soom we will also include my own custom handmade designs in the shop.

New Capter

At the moment, we’re developing two new categories like virtual design services and DIY workshops. Whether you’re seeking advice on interior design, need help finding the perfect items or looking to elevate your space, reach out.